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Good $149

Everything You Need To Start Looking Dapper

Better $249

Step It Up...You're Getting Dapper!

Best $349

Be the Dappest Dude on the block!

All Boxes

The Dapp Classic

the starter of all starters, at a price you can't resist

Priced Right.

By working with the best brands in fashion to bring the best possible price to the boxes you want, you can rest assured your wallet will thank us as much as your closet.

Always Know.

Unlike other box companies... There is nothing behind the curtain here. What you see, is what you get. No more asking yourself, What’s in the box????

It All Works.

All boxes are styled by our team of stylists, to ensure everything in the box is not only on trend, but built to all work together. Finally a guarantee that the curtains match the carpet at Dapp.

What's in the box?

DappStylists comb thru thousands of items to curate each unique DappBox. Each DappBox contains individual garments that are interchangeable and slightly customizable to create your slammin' DappStyle.


Featured Stylist

In addition to our in house DappStylists we are excited to also offer special guest & celebrity stylists to round out our taste and offering.

this month:

Nikki - Stylist for Cyndi Lauper