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Featured Stylist

In addition to our in house DappStylists we are excited to also offer special guest & celebrity stylists to round out our taste and offering.

this month:

Nikki - Stylist for Cyndi Lauper


Sabrina honed her styling chops working for fashion forward athletic apparel companies like Nike and Vans Skate. Additionally, she's been the stylist creating the looks for the models that grace the covers of Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazines that make you drool. She's collaborated with a host of celebrities to help guide their fashion awareness and she joins TeamDapp to bring active swagger to your look!


Heath is focused on what makes fashion work, which is why he couldn't resist teaming up to launch Dapp. Since his time as Creative Director at Express and Brooks Brothers, he’s been driven by defining the styles that make campaigns break through. Approachability, attention to detail, and always being just-on-the-cusp of a trend that’s about to break form the backbone of his aesthetic and set his looks apart. Never a setter, always an early adopter, Heath is creating looks that assure two things: you’ll be Dapp now and Dapp into the near future.