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Explain yourself and answer a million questions.

Spend forever talking to a person that may or may not get you. Let’s be honest, how well can their stylist really get to know you?

Get a box a clothes that basically is like shopping anyway because you have to go through all the items and pick out what you like.

Spend the time and aggravation to send back what you don’t like.

Pay a membership fee... sorry “styling” fee.

Have no idea what things cost until you get them.


Our stylists are professionals. That’s what they do… STYLE! They don’t need to waste your time spending forever with them telling them your life story, then having them tell you what you like. You are in control. You look through hundreds of DappBoxes made by our stylists and find what suits your eye. You can be comfortable in knowing all the items in the DappBox can be mixed and matched to create numerous outfits.

Find a stylist you like? Have the DappBoxes created by that stylist sent to you each month before being released to the general public.

We partner with major online retailers to get wholesale pricing and we pass the savings onto you. You know exactly what you are spending before you order. The total cost and your savings are clearly marked on each DappBox.

It’s FREE to sign up. We’ll keep track of your orders, your favorite stylists, your favorite items and more. We’ll send you announcements and special offers. And you can even chat with us about stuff. And it’s FREE.

DappStyled...Know What’s In The Box!

What's in the box?

DappStylists comb thru thousands of items to curate each unique DappBox. Each DappBox contains individual garments that are interchangeable and slightly customizable to create your slammin' DappStyle.